kaleidoscope TV with dr nancy ash – sacred sound healing, dr danielle brooks

We believe that it is not only possible to survive degenerative illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease – we believe it is possible to thrive after finding a pathway to the appropriate cures.  As a first step, we invite you to mark the entrance to this clear path by declaring your own Wellness Sovereignty.  Then, continue to explore NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness for more resources, insights, and inspiration.

Enjoy this very early edition of Kaleidoscope TV in which Dr. Danielle Brooks, a NEU Health & Wellness faculty advisor shares her remarkable story of surviving and thriving from cancer without allopathic treatment.  Witness a unique, powerful sound-healing that was sourced in the moment – truly a rich experience from the heart.  May you thrive in radiant, vibrant health and wellness!

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