meditation scripts for attuning to feminine wisdom


From NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality faculty, associated fellows and staff, these are a few basic meditation scripts researched, compiled and written for attuning to feminine wisdom. Enjoy:

meditation 1 – merging with the love of divine mother

  • Know that your true nature is the pure, wakeful awareness that beholds, with love, all of creation.
  • Feel this true-nature as the Divine Mother, standing behind you, with her pure awareness and love flowing to you, embracing, suffusing and dissolving your sense of separation and wounds.
  • Leaning back into her arms (and her heart and her energy), let Her love receive you; melting back into it, and merging with Her, your own true nature of awareness and love. Let this flow through you/Her to others, to the whole world, embracing, suffusing and dissolving their sense of separation and wounds. This flow between Her, you and the world becomes one seamless flow of awareness-love, connecting you with all Being.

meditation 2 – evolutionary meditation on union with the divine mother

Embracing All Space and Time

Meditation sequence: Visualize the Divine Mother in front of you, streaming her love and light. Then in your own heart, streaming outwards say, “May all beings live in the clear-light awareness that embraces in love all its creation.” Visualize this creation as not just what exists in all space right now, but also in all time, extending from the Source of creation into all cosmic space and the future. Its spiraling, evolving forms echo each other at all levels, connected in a fractal spectrum of the Whole, where all time and space exist at once, enfolded in and unfolding from each other.

Tune into this spiraling-within-spiraling flow, with your own spine as the axis, your heart-center as the point of access, and see what unfolds as the “future”, where the Divine Mother wants to lead you, what your entelechy wants to unfold from you…

It is already there in the future, you just need to connect with it.

Those worlds-within-worlds… within whirling-worlds all exist now; it’s just that what we don’t see yet we call the “future”. Time is an illusion. As we enter in to the heart of any atom that exists now, (splitting the innermost atom, the most infinitesimal mind-moment) its inner dimensions unfold into the infinite universe.

Take this in steps: Take the outer Divine authority in; stream the inner Divine love out; first to the present creation, then to its dynamic nature, embracing the unfolding future in the present now.

(The three stages of this practice represent first the level of psychological healing through the love of the Divine; second, the non-dual level (becoming the Divine OneSelf) and emanating that love out to one’s own manifestation in all beings; and third, the evolutionary level, extending not just throughout all space but also through all time, and beyond time and space as the simultaneously eternal and infinitely evolving cosmos.)

Rev Dr Nancy Ash with Swami Śivananda circa ’81 from her private collection

meditation 3 – spiral evolution into union with divine mother

(A variation on Meditation 2, especially for women.)  This meditation works particularly with the aspect of the vulnerable inner-child, raising (“growing up”) the child into the Divine Mother.

Visualize that the young girl within you is enveloped, embraced, swept up in the arms of the older, more evolved, loving version of yourSelf: “grow her up” into the arms of this more evolved woman you are now.

And then let this more evolved version of yourSelf in turn “grow up” into the arms of the Divine Mother, becoming Her, who then radiates out her love to the whole world.  And the World Mother keeps on whirling, spinning-out greater and greater versions of HerSelf, higher and higher integrations of her own Wholeness, as the evolving universe itself.  Let the part she wants to play through you emerge…out of this greater union.

meditation 4 – meditation on non-duality, gender unity and world unity

These mantras and non-dual meditation may go together:

“I am man and woman;

I am the Earth and the destruction of the Earth;

I am rich and poor.

I am the Consciousness having this whole dream.

Recognizing this, I bring love and light to this dream, making it a lucid one, and no longer taking sides, can heal its divisions and wounds.”


may all live in the clear-light awareness that embraces all in its creation of love

Visualize white light in the third-eye, heart and hara chakras.  Let it radiate through and beyond the body in all directions like the rays of the sun, joining with the same light permeating all beings and objects in space.

Start by using the suggested mantra (above)… then just merge with The Light …


OM Shanti Shanti Shanti




Created by faculty members of the NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality

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