4 meditation scripts – co-creative synergy from neu school of consciousness & spirituality


Four basic meditation scripts researched, compiled and written by faculty , associated fellows and staff at the NEU School of Consciousness & Spirituality:

meditation script 1 ~ co-creative synergy

As you begin this conscious practice of meditation: Let go… for a moment… of everything you think you know.  Rest..  like being a new-born baby. Whatever ideas you have about your world, let go; whatever self-image you have of yourself, also let go.  Just rest in being; simply being, without having to be anyone or do anything, just be…  Now, from this place of being, notice the manifestations that are arising in it – for instance, the sounds, listen to the sounds around you, coming and going, floating through that beingness…  Now any sounds within your body, also any sensations, feelings or thoughts that come up, perceive them in the same way as the sounds around you, just noticing them come and go, floating through that beingness, letting them come up and then releasing them back into the pure beingness that they came from.

Then ask that beingness, the Source of Creation itself, and your own Source, to make you a bridge between itself and the level of manifestation.  What are you meant to bring into this world, your creative gift, into the larger process of Creation? State your intention to make yourself a channel for its expression, and then surrender to the Source to manifest it through you into the world. You don’t know how this will manifest; just feel the power and dedication of the intention right now, and the deep relaxation, trust, letting go and opening, into surrender.  Feel yourself as a channel, opening up, especially through the spine, to the deeper wisdom and guidance, the creative impulse, of the universe. Visualize and open your hara, heart and third-eye as points of conduction for that greater power, nodes of transmission through which the impulse, flow and direction from the Source of Creation can be received.

Don’t try to force any answers, just surrender, leave yourself open, especially at these three points in the spine, the hara, the heart and third-eye, and allow the energy and flow from the Source of Creation to be received.  You might even feel energy flowing between these three points, spiraling through your spine, or radiating into the field around you. Ask that their connection remain open to Source, allowing you to co-create with it as it unfolds through you, in the future and in its own time, even after this exercise is over.  Let this alchemy, co-creation, between yourself and your own Source gestate, without forcing any particular outcome from your own will; letting the impulse from Source gestate in the unknown until it emerges naturally into manifestation, a clear direction and form.

A further variation — Open these three points in your spine to the energy of connection, and at the same time visualize these same three points open in the spines of many others around you. See the energy from Source flowing into the collective field, circulating through the connections at each of these levels, a vast field of jeweled nodes of light, like Indra’s net, in co-creative connection.

Partnership model vs. dominator model: God as Cosmic Mother (creative) vs. God as Dominator (transcendent, authoritarian, top-down).

meditation script 2  ~ wholeness

This is a meditation practice with relation between spiritual Wholeness (can be seen as partnership model, in the broadest sense of the term) and our imbalances/wounds at the personal and social levels.

First, at the spiritual level — ask yourself: what does God as Cosmic Mother, All-embracing Wholeness, feel like to you, as distinct from God as Dominator, transcendent and distant?  Feel yourself as one with the Divine Mother, one with your own source and the Source of Creation itself.  Feel the complete, unconditional love and acceptance of the Divine for you and all creation, never separate from you.

Then, on the personal level, how does the domination/submission pattern show up in your present life situation; your early childhood relationship with your parents; your present family, intimate relationships or friendships; your power-relationships in your work-life; your inner, psychological challenges?  What does it feel like if you perceive these wounds and imbalances from the perspective of your true Wholeness, and what would it look like to reconfigure them in alignment with it?  (Perceiving the other too as a part of your own being; this healing can be either purely psychological, or there may be practical steps you can imagine taking to heal the actual outer situation.)

Then, looking at the wider societal context.  How has your personal situation, including situational and psychological imbalances, been influenced by the larger social patterns of power imbalance and inequity within the dominator paradigm?

How would you like to change the larger social system so that it reflects and facilitates the expression of our true Wholeness, rather than fragmentation, conflict and the present imbalances of power?  What might such a society look like one that brings peace, harmony, joy and well-being into your life, as well as that of others and all life?  What would a sustainable, equitable system look like, based on the values of Wholeness, interconnection, cooperation and co-creation, including at the economic and ecological levels?

Give your imagination free range to create a vision for another way of life on Earth, another possible future, as if you had the power to co-create it with the Source of Creation itself.

meditation script 3  ~ accessing subtle levels of co-creative synergy

Meditation on the Four Levels: Go into your heart, and feel yourself as pure Consciousness, the Consciousness that connects you with the Consciousness of all others, at the core of their hearts (not even just human hearts, but the heart of every atom, every quark.)  Feel a field of energy emanating from that Consciousness, connecting you with the field of energy that likewise emanates from all other hearts.  Next, feel this energy crystallizing, constellating as subtle information, energy codes and templates, like helixes of DNA, a web of information that underlies the physical manifestation of the Universe and all its inter-relations.  Then feel yourself as that physical manifestation itself, your own body as part of a great web of interconnected matter and forms; feel these forms not as separate, but all equal expressions of the one original formless Essence at the center, the level of pure consciousness where we began.

Feel yourself spanning all four levels — spirit, energy, information and matter; know yourself as all of this, the Wholeness in which all these levels of our being play, the multi-dimensional, multi-faceted dance of Oneness itself with all the expressions and forms of its own Creation.

meditation script 4  ~ aligning with dynamic spirals flowing from the global heart

Imagine a vertical figure-eight (vertical infinity sign) of a double-spiral with “Global Heart” at the center, Spirit at the top, and Matter at the bottom.  Around the center is a smaller figure-eight, that of the “Human Holograph”.  The human holograph itself is composed in turn of three nested figure-eights: the body’s bio-system, the social system, and eco-system.  Each of these is a fractal of the Whole of Creation, radiating in nested spirals that unfold from its global Heart.

Imagine each of these Figure-eights as fractals, dynamically enfolded within and unfolding from each other, breathing in and out of the center, the Source of Creation Itself, manifesting as the entire Cosmos.

Now bring this model alive. Imagine yourself as the human fractal, holograph, with a spiral between spirit at your third-eye and matter at the base of your spine, spiraling like a figure-8 (vertical infinity sign) through your heart center.  Then line up your heart center with the heart of the Cosmos, feeling its similar spiraling from spirit to matter – like a larger echo, reverberation, of your own – likewise spiraling through your own heart center.  Within this greater spiral, and radiating out from your own, there are a nested spectrum of two other spirals, likewise moving through your heart — align with them — the larger social system, or social body around you, and the planetary body, or ecological system, in which it in turn belongs.

Feel the center of each of these spirals intersecting in your heart, as you radiate out these spectrums – from the spiral around your personal body, your spine (your personal bio-system); to the spiral of the collective social body (social system); to the planetary body (Gaia, eco-system).  All are cycling continuously between formless spirit and its outer expressions in matter; in a vast conscious, co-creative synergy, the Eternal stillness at the center spinning out its own multi-dimensional unfolding, in infinite, evolutionary, ever-creative movement.

We, at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality, trust you shall find peace through practicing these four meditations.


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