ibcp notes

integrated biodiversity conservation plan (ibcp)

NEU’s IBCP is designed to enrich and restore natural environments that foster human and planetary well-being.  It plants the seeds required for a new world to rise, where people of the world connect back to nature.

Integrated Biodiversity Conservation Plan (IBCP) provides the foundation and necessary means for a conscious humanity to take back its role as Earth’s steward in order to live in sincere harmony with other sentient beings and the kingdoms of nature.

New Earth venues e.g. NE Bali Haven, provide protected environments for both the development of a conscious humanity and for the harmonious evolution of all native species on Earth.  These dynamic communities are purposed to secure a sustainable future for all life centered upon goodwill, prosperity and lasting peace.

To generate conscious awareness of wisdom-knowledge to all people,

to help them remember an inherent love for all living creatures on Earth.

This love is unconditional

and is given in simple recognition and appreciation for who we ARE

and what we convey to each person encountered.

As one stream of evolving life,

we are raised into the freedom of shared opportunity to

birth a New Earth of infinite sustainability.

And so it is – so be it.

© NewEarth University

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