David Emery (Fellow)

REAL History Author & Teacher School of Consciousness & Spirituality

David Emery was born in Ireland a little after the Second World War but moved to England at the age of seven.

His youth was captivated by three things; history, mystery and tennis and after university he became a national and international tennis pro and then a fitness-trainer. 

25 years later he was a teacher of English and History at various levels and now he is a writer.  David has written a number of books from children’s stories to historical novels and is now currently writing his latest entitled, ‘Beyond the Biblical’.  He calls it ‘the history we were never told about!’

A frequent esteemed guest of NewEarth Horizon’s cutting-edge Lazarus Initiative, David became a Fellow of the NewEarth University in 2022 to share his important body of work (writings and teachings) which align with NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality.  He plans to present a unique Workshop for students based on his latest book’s historical research.  Stay-tuned …

David lives in England still, just outside London.



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