School of the Living Arts Faculty Announcement


In association with the School of The Living Arts, and the School of Consciousness & Spirituality

We are pleased to announce a new member: Patty Greer.  She is a dedicated Soul now in NewEarth University’s distinguished faculty as an integral part of our movement to manifest a new earth – we’re honored to be in her company.

Patty Greer is a longtime friend to the NewEarth movement sharing her comprehensive life-work as an award-winning American filmmaker, singer, songwriter and musician.


Her inspiring research projects are clearly aligned with NEU’s School of The Living Arts and the C & S School, bringing global awareness to the phenomenon of crop circles as messages of pure-truth.


We warmly welcome this extraordinary wisdom-keeper and wish her many years of collaboration through unique contributions in: research, writings, library resources, webinars and programs.



May these activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings.

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