School of The Living Arts Congratulates Filmmaker Patty Greer

21 February 2017

In alliance with the School of Consciousness & Spirituality, the School of the Living Arts is delighted to announce that NewEarth University faculty member, Patty Greer, USA was all smiles as she just won two EBE Awards from the International UFO Congress Convention for her film, Crop Circle Diaries.

The film took Best Feature Film 2017 and also the Peoples’ Choice Award 2017.


This film offers the crucial technology that will help humanity bring our organic food supply back. Please support her work.  Recalibrate your consciousness as you watch her film here: @

In alliance with NEU’s School of The Living Arts and School of Consciousness & Spirituality, we all salute this astonishing woman for her courage, creativity, and fortitude to bring the Pure-Truth to everyone through her many films.

May all be blessed by this auspicious activity!


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