School of The Living Arts Announces: Ancient Futures Festival at NewEarth Haven – Bali 2017

ART has the power to help catalyze change…

The NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival in Bali, Indonesia launched April 5-9, 2017.  400 hundred conscious Souls from 40 countries participated in the opening ceremonies during a new wave of festivals – 5 days – that aim to be a Zero-point catalyst for change, bringing sovereignty in Oneness to people of all ages.  Through thought-provoking and stunning performances, music, dance, cutting-edge symposia and workshops… all expressed themselves through the New Earth ABCs, an ethos of art, beauty and consciousness.


NewEarth University (NEU) faculty and staff presented talks and a few sat on symposia-panels discussing a wide variety of subjects chaired by Sacha Stone, founder of the Humanitad foundation and its brainchild – the NewEarth Project.

Sacha Stone – Founder

Nancy Ash, DD, PhD – NEU Executive Director; School of The Living Arts; School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Thomas Joseph Brown – Senior Advisor, School of Science & Design Innovation

Don Paris, PhD (h.c.) – Senior Advisor, School of Science & Design innovation

Jules Brite – Senior Advisor, School of Health & Wellness; School of Socio-Economics & Ecology

Magda Freedom Rod – Advisor, School of Health & Wellness

Analee Scott Prater – NEU Staff Researcher

Visit our website for upcoming announcements of the next Festival in 2018:

Ancient Futures is a global gathering of aligned hearts and minds coming together to co-create a sustainable, solution-based vision of our future through play, movement, learning, teaching, celebration, and an exploration of the elements.

We invite you to be part of our first-year seed community, to expand your knowledge and participate through our Symposium workshops and talks while expressing yourself through art and music over a 5-day immersion in the natural and nurturing environment of Bali.

Ancient Futures is both about remembering and honoring who we are, in connection with the land, the firmament and each other, and about utilizing all the information, materials and technology we can access in order to shift paradigms and evolve collective consciousness to the next stage.

Enjoy this one-minute magic carpet ride – an aerial journey with us – through the lovely landscape featuring our bio-arc domes (available for rent) at the NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia, location for the NewEarth Festivals.


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