Fellow Announcement: NEU School of Science & Design Innovation

NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation is delighted to announce that Thomas Joseph Brown has accepted the invitation to collaborate as a distinguished Fellow focused in the area of the Spiritual Sciences.

Tom, presently based in New Zealand, has been a legend in the alternatives sciences field, a former director of Borderland Sciences for ten years during its most prolific phase.  Tom has also been on the NewEarth University faculty – part of the NewEarth brain-trust – as a senior science advisor of the NEST (Science & Technology discipline) since 2015. He gave two key presentations at the inaugural NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival in Bali, Indonesia in 2017.

Tom Brown is a warm and friendly Soul with great gifts and talent to share. In late 2017 he offered another in-depth presentation at the NE Haven-Bali to launch a new program called, Voices of NewEarth (watch here)

A guest on many, many programs including NEU’s own Kaleidoscope (educational full-spectrum Web TV program) Tom provides brilliant, up-to-date and thought-provoking content gleaned from his dedicated work at the vanguard of global consciousness and the sciences. The wisdom-knowledge shared by Tom at the NewEarth University is helping to create major unprecedented shifts and transformation on the planet.

As an astonishing exemplar – with many decades of outstanding service to help others – we are thrilled to recognize Tom as an esteemed colleague and honored Fellow of the NewEarth University.


~ Welcome Thomas Joseph Brown ~


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