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In association with the School of Socio-Economics & Ecology, and the School of The Living Arts, we are pleased to announce that Vinit Allen has joined NewEarth University’s esteem group of fellows.  His area of profound expertise is focused in cross-pollination within the areas of Eco-Arts and Sustainability Education.

Vinit is the founder and Executive Director of Sustainable World Coalition and Co-Founder of Planet Earth Arts.  A longtime friend to the New Earth Project, he brings a 30-year entrepreneurial and activist background to bear on his work in sustainability education.  His love and respect for nature plus his vision of a just human society – where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy, fulfilling life – infuse the Coalition’s mission of creating a healthy future for all.  He is the visionary behind – and publisher of – the International Award-winning, Sustainable World Sourcebook, Engagement Circles, and SWC’s series of multi-media tele courses.  We are honored to have Vinit help guide us with his proactive passion and wisdom. Visit Vinit at: swcoalition.org

Planet Earth Arts is a team of five artists and producers whose mission is to use the power of the arts to create a world in which people thrive and nature flourishes.  They sponsor and curate transformational art of all kinds, though primarily via film and the performing arts.  Currently the team is working in universities with funding from multiple departments.
A guest on Kaleidoscope — your NEU educational web TV program of conscious conversation from A to Z — meet Vinit Allen as he shares the global pulse gleaned from three decades at the vanguard of full-spectrum sustainability.  Enjoy one of these programs HERE on your NewEarth Project YouTube channel. (2021 Update: Our channel was censored and then completely de-platformed by YouTube!)

Welcome Vinit Allen



Ecology & Regeneration, a core discipline within the School of Socio-Economics & Ecology is delighted to announce that Robert Bagnall has joined its faculty to spread the seminal, ancient wisdom teachings of Agnihotra and Homa Therapy.

Robert is currently based in Bali having been part of the New Earth family for a few years. He has stepped forward to help expand the important initiative he brought to the NewEarth Project, Arks of Fire.

Author of The Ancient Solution to Modern Pollution, Robert is presently developing a unique online course on Homa Therapy.  It will present to our New Earth members and friends the many benefits and reasons for taking up the practice of daily Agnihotra with full-spectrum Homa Therapy modules.

Welcome Robert Bagnall






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