Faculty Announcements: School of The Living Arts


In association with the Learning & Education discipline of NEU’s School of The Living Arts, we are delighted to announce these new faculty in 2017:

Gail Bennington, MA of New York, USA, joined the faculty passionately focused on developing innovative curriculum in the fields of geology, eco-sustainability, and new paradigm education.  With an extensive background as a science educator, Gail combines her love for nature with helping students.


Mrs. Bennington is currently the director of Hofstra University’s Summer Science Research Program and an adjunct professor in Hoftra’s STEM program, and its Department of Geology, Environmental Science and Sustainability since 1998.  She has a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Education Administration, an MA in Secondary Education, and a BA in Geological Science, all received at Hofstra University, USA.

Gail is currently writing curriculum for courses to bring pre-service teachers outdoors during class meetings, which will motivate them to bring their students outside as often as possible.  She travels worldwide to conferences keeping up with the pulse of our Earth, while championing innovations to implement her creative visioning with NEU.

Welcome and best wishes to Gail for many vibrant years of collaboration through her cutting-edge contributions in: research, writings, library resources, courses, webinars and on-site programs.  May these auspicious activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings through her role as a Senior Advisor with the NewEarth University.




Maneka Johanna Sjöström, MA is a new paradigm school teacher residing in Sweden.  Sharing new ways of life, she loves to co-create systems where humankind can live together in unity and peace.  Maneka has worked with e-democracy since she was 16 and has been supporting the NewEarth Project and its learning arm since 2013.  She has worked with intuitive coaching since she was 24 years old and has been involved in research in neuroscience, psychology, and innovations for free energy technology and natural farming techniques.  Maneka has a Master’s degree in teaching, has studied human ecology, international affairs and ecology.

Welcome and best wishes to Maneka for many radiant years of collaboration through her contributions in: research, writings, resources, online and on-site courses.  May these auspicious activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings through her role as a teacher with the NewEarth University.


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