Faculty Announcement: School of Science & Design Innovation

The Design and Development (D & D) discipline of the School of Science & Design Innovation is delighted to announce:


Mayank Barjatya, MS of Pune, India, has recently joined our distinguished faculty passionately focused on the field of building biology and human energetics.  With an extensive background that combines the structure of architecture with the scientific and esoteric aspects of bioenergetics, Mayank has a unique profile which enables a holistic approach to divine architecture.  His lifelong mission to enable the conversion of bland buildings to spaces with souls.

Mayank’s education includes an Architecture undergraduate degree from Pune University, India as well as a Masters in Ecology and Environment from New Delhi, further augmented with a certification in Bioenergetics from Acmos-Paris in association with the Institute of Complementary Medicine of Great Britain; and a stint in Building Biology with Er. Wolfgang Priggen at BZS Burg-Steinfurt, Germany.

Mr. Barjatya has been working with the traditional Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra since 1997.  In 1998, Mayank started his own company, Vastuworld, in the pursuit of furthering academic, research, and professional excellence in the field of Vastu.  His work involves design consulting on contemporary architecture and Vastu Shastra for residential and professional spaces, while teaching young architects and Vastu enthusiasts on his bespoke models of energy rectification.

Mayank has traveled globally to present papers and address conferences including the international conference on Earth Architecture at Istanbul, Turkey and the NewEarth Festival in Bali, Indonesia.  He has been a part of academic committees and panels on key initiatives like the Big 5 India conference based on the Smart City theme and the Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan & Expo.

Mr. Barjatya was recently conferred with the Good Karma Award for Energy Architecture from the Times of India Group.

Mayank has been developing his own model of building biology called Naduhl.  It encompasses a wide range of original work that he has developed over the years as part of research and practical implementation.  Naduhl finds the perfect balance between the scientific and esoteric aspects of designing living and working spaces while focusing on their impact on human energetics.  He is currently working on launching a professional apprenticeship and certification program on Naduhl.  This initiative brings together his fresh work and the PrithWe Earthing Center, which he designed on a sylvan campus near Pune, India.

Welcome and best wishes to Mayank for many vibrant years of collaboration through his cutting-edge contributions in: research, writings, library resources, courses, webinars and on-site programs.  May these auspicious activities bring great benefit to all sentient beings through his role as an advisor with the NewEarth University.


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