Thomas J Brown (Faculty, Fellow)

Thomas Joseph Brown (affectionately known as “Tom” the Wizard) is a longtime NewEarth University fellow and faculty member of the School of Science & Design Innovation serving as sacred sciences senior advisor and director, doing full-spectrum research in the sacred sciences and metaphysics.

Just another human questioning reality and our place in it… Tom’s main interest is comprehending the archetypal structures of metaphysical and scientific systems of both Occident and Orient seeking common forms and functions, one’s ever-evolving spiritual proprioception in the midst of the matrix.

He’s been developing and producing cutting-edge curricula (with creative videos) incorporating symbolic structures and extraordinary scientific relationships indicative of higher creative functions in the universe. Tom’s interests include Goethe’s theory of color, cosmological botany, anthropocentrism, applications of sacred geometry to the evolution of technology, formation of elements as spiritual functions, Vajrayana mandala as map of reality, and wandering the beach.


Tom’s Videos:

·       Workings of the Stars in Earthly Substances

·       Dorje Blessing

·       Quaternity

·       Nature Was My Teacher – The Vision of Viktor Schauberger

·       The Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator

·       Free Energy Research with Peter Lindemann and Eric Dollard

·       Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity with Eric Dollard and Peter Lindemann

·       Tour of the Borderland Museum with Peter Lindemann 


·       Loom of the Future  – The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor Constable

·       The L. E. Eeman Report— The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry

·       The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscilllator Handbook

·       The People Before with Gary Cook 

Editorial Experience:

·       Journal of Borderland Research 1985-1995 (50 issues)

·       Metal Power – Soul Life of the Planets by Alison Davidson

·       The Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor Constable 

Past Experience:

·       Director & Chief Editor at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (California) 1985-1995 ~

·       Founding Director, New Zealand Hemp Industries Association (1997)


“I seek not the answer but to better understand the question.”  –  Thomas J Brown



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