David Emery (Faculty, Fellow)

REAL History Teacher & Author School of Consciousness & Spirituality

David Emery was born in Ireland a little after the Second World War but moved to England at the age of seven.

His youth was captivated by three things; history, mystery and tennis and after university he became a national and international tennis pro and then a fitness-trainer. 

25 years later he was a teacher of English and History at various levels and now he is a writer. David has written a number of books from children’s stories to historical novels and is now currently writing his latest entitled, ‘Beyond the Biblical’. He calls it ‘the history we were never told about!’

David lives in England still, just outside London. A frequent esteemed (and popular) guest of NewEarth Horizon’s cutting-edge Lazarus Initiative, Dave Emery became a fellow of the NewEarth University in 2022 to share his important body of work (writings and teachings) which align with NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality. He teaches a unique Workshop for your worldwide student body based on his latest book’s historical research. Please stay-tuned for more of Dave’s rare offerings at the NewEarth University.

2024 Update

The School of Consciousness & Spirituality is pleased to announce the curriculum platform of senior fellow Dave Emery:

REAL History

Visit that course page to learn more of his Workshop:
Intro to REAL History

(now available for your study as a replay)


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