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european journal of ecopsychology – 5 free issues

  This resource gives direct access to PDF files (5 full journal issues from 2010-14) of the European Journal of Ecopsychology, a peer-reviewed journal aiming to explore the synthesis of psychological and ecological ideas from a variety of perspectives.  Edited by Paul Stevens, Bournemouth University.  Gratitude for sharing these...

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sankhya holistic science physics theory (website)

  An interesting, comprehensive resource website with many articles and PDFs to assist your studies into holistic scientific physics theory of Sankhya by G. Srinivasan. Note: link takes you out of the NEU Library: http://www.kapillavastu.com/ (Rainbow Sky Photo by Dr N Ash from her private collection.)

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fritjof capra

  Fritjof Capra, PhD, Founding Director, Centre for Ecoliteracy His expertise: Whole Systems, Living Systems, bridge between physics and mysticism, new vision of reality, application of a living systems view in all disciplines; his books: The Web of Life: A New Understanding of Living Systems, The Tao of Physics,...

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