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Re-Membering by Margret Rueffler, PhD (book)

  Re-Membering: The Experiences & Tales of SheSoul, is a 47-page book (PDF) by Dr. Margret Rueffler, faculty member at NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality. Gratitude to Dr. Margret for sharing with us this free inspiring resource. Click to download your book (PDF): NEU GIFT_ RE-MEMBERING BOOK_Rueffler final  ...

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Be Here Now by Ram Dass (classic book)

Be Here Now by Ram Dass (website link for book download from Internet Archive) Be Here Now Note: Currently the book may be in website form only, download and extract the .zip and open the index.html via a web browser to read the book. An ocean of gratitude for...

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The I Ching (classic book)

  The I Ching (Book of Changes) Sacred Books of the East (edited by F. Max Müller) 2nd Edition translated by James Legge. This precious resource is accessed direct at the link: I Ching Book

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Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson (classic book)

  Emerson spoke out against materialism, the belief that material or physical things—not spiritual—are the most important. He also stood up against formal religion, and slavery (“I will not obey it, by God.”) Emerson, however, was not merely against certain things; he both preached and modeled a positive attitude....

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