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gregg braden – divine matrix – emotions change dna

Gregg Braden talks about how our emotions can affect our physical world.  His extensive knowledge of ancient texts, coupled with his background in hard sciences, uniquely qualifies him to bring the benefit of long-lost traditions to the forefront of our lives today.  He is also a leading authority on...

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sankhya holistic science physics theory (website)

  An interesting, comprehensive resource website with many articles and PDFs to assist your studies into holistic scientific physics theory of Sankhya by G. Srinivasan. Note: link takes you out of the NEU Library: http://www.kapillavastu.com/ (Rainbow Sky Photo by Dr N Ash from her private collection.)

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spirit science (website)

  Spirit Science is about the harmonic merging of spiritual and scientific ideas. This website may inspire you to explore these topics further: Note link takes you out of the NewEarth University site:  Spirit Science (Caveat: this website may be outdated) (Feature Photo of NEU’s spiritual science researcher, Tom...

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Robosapiens are Here! (article)

    Written by Doug Linman, PhD – Founder of Molecular Quartermasters Corporation, and former faculty at the NewEarth University Except for handling most home needs, performing dangerous and repetitive tasks…what else can the emerging science and technology world of Robosapien People (humanoid robots) do?   History: The history of...

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World Without Cancer by G Edward Griffin

    An Ocean of Gratitude to our beloved colleague and friend, G. Edward Griffin for his generosity in sharing this important book for University students. Downloadable PDF: World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin  (The Story of Vitamin B17) After decades of research the renowned author comes to...

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physicist thomas campbell – my big toe (website)

  This resource is the comprehensive website of renowned author and physicist, Thomas Campbell:  https://www.my-big-toe.com/ Once at the homepage, gratitude to Tom for kindly sharing a hotlink to his 2016 downloadable PDF Powerpoint slides, REALITY 102, used during one of his physics experiment presentations. Painting by Jane Evershed.

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Resources of Linus Pauling

  For student research: Linus C. Pauling was the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes. The American scientific researcher revolutionized the study of chemistry, helped found the field known as molecular biology, and also made critical advances in modern medical research.   Visit the National Library of...

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eunoia – brain wave manipulation by artist lisa park

  Artist and innovator, Lisa Park, manipulates water with her brain waves! This site, Vice.com, has a 2-min. embedded video of her work as well as an article on the phenomenon. http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/eunoia-seeking-enlightenment-by-tracking-brainwaves (Bali Water Flowers Photo by Dr N Ash from her private collection.)

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