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gregg braden – unprecedentend interview

  Watch Gregg Braden, best-selling author of many books including, The Divine Matrix, in this inspiring 30-minute interview. A must-watch for anyone who wishes to improve the way in which they see and perceive what we call, reality, through the secret of feeling-based prayer. “The heart has no ego.”...

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Technological Change Needs Exponential Humanity

  Futurist Gerd Leonhard, author of, Technology vs Humanity, Future-Thinker and Humanist, Zürich, Switzerland posted this article in 2016, Is It Time to Become Exponentially Human?  Place URL in your browser to read the article:   https://www.gerd.social/why-exponential-technological-change-needs-exponential-humanity-as-well-e9b61256cba2#.a3qca89so Machines can increasingly mimic the human brain and may indeed soon outpace...

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physicist david bohm society (website)

  This educational resource link leads to the comprehensive David Bohm Society website, which features the theoretical physicist’s many books and articles:  http://dbohm.com/index.html (Twilight Balloons Photo courtesy of Dr N Ash, from her private collection.)

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science & technology book resources

  Compiled and submitted by Thomas Joseph Brown, NewEarth University faculty and fellow associated with the School of Science & Design Innovation discipline, NEST (Science & Technology) Recommended books: Loom of the Future–The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor Constable The L. E. Eeman Report— The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry...

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