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auroville – the city of dawn

Auroville was born on 28 February 1968.  Its founder, the Mother, created the Auroville Charter consisting of four main ideas which underpinned her vision for Auroville.  When Auroville came into being, all India Radio (AIR) broadcast the Charter, live, in 16 languages.  Aurovilians apply the ideas of the Auroville...

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cloud forest school – alternative education in costa rica

  The mission of Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest School (pre-school through 11th grade) is to nurture generations of ecologically aware, academically well-rounded, bilingual individuals.  Like NewEarth University, their vision is to help foster a sustainable future for Earth by educating our youth to: — Love, respect and protect the...

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Yes! New-Paradigm Storytelling by Dr. Nancy Ash

  Written by Dr. Nancy Ash, Co-founder and worldwide Chancellor of the NewEarth University (NEU) – a new-paradigm learning initiative of the NewEarth Horizon (NewEarth Project 2.0) and greater NewEarth movement.  Editor’s note: Published in August, 2018 at the NewEarth Media blog, reprinted here in the NEU Library with...

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rabindranath tagore on education (article)

  For your learning and inspiration, this link leads to a good article about the great Rabindranath Tagore presented by Kathleen M. O’Connell.  Learn also of his perspective on Education, written in his own words.  http://infed.org/mobi/rabindranath-tagore-on-education/ (NEU Meeting Photo, a few Fellows & Faculty, Mansion Hotel, Bali, Indonesia 2019)

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