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NEU Fellow, Margot Anand 2019 World Health Sovereignty Summit

  Margot Anand recorded this brief talk for the 2019 World Health Sovereignty Summit.  She is the world’s leading authority on Tantra – an internationally acclaimed author, public speaker, teacher and seminar leader.  Her best-selling books: The Art of Sexual Ecstasy; The Art of Sexual Magic; The Art of Everyday Ecstasy; Sexual...

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sacha stone keynote presentation: arise homo sapiens

arise homo sapiens by the founder of newearth project, sacha stone A brief keynote presentation by Sacha Stone at Great Darlington Hall in England, on Luciferianism (false-light worship) as the central tenet of modern ‘civilization’.  Sacha elaborates on the themes of idolatry and iconoclasticism, dream-spell and spell-binding.  (Late 2016,...

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