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permaculture magazine

  Permaculture – practical solutions beyond sustainability.  A website that contains infinite knowledge in permaculture designs and lifestyles.  Includes prestigious videos, courses/trainings, magazines, podcasts, events, practical materials, and more.

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co-operation is the key: plant succession (pdf)

Co-operation is the Key: Plant Succession, is an 11-page illustrated PDF, was submitted to the NewEarth Project in 2016 by Kevin Gaia of Australia with the author’s (Ian Sutton’s) kind permission to share this resource. CLICK HERE to download Co-operation is the Key_PLANT SUCCESSION

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principles of natural gardening & farming (pdf)

  Principles of Natural Gardening & Farming by Ian Sutton, Equilibrium Eco Services Inc. Copyright © Ian Sutton 2006 Equilibrium is pleased to allow this material to be reproduced in whole or part, provided the meaning is unchanged, and its source, publisher and authorship are acknowledged.  Submitted in 2016...

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