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What are NewEarth Initiatives?

  We must all step up now to initiate and embody an unfolding of events that benefit and elevate humanity beyond slavery and into the supra-beautification of organic existence in resonance with one another. Our individual attributes and expressions of creativity must reign freely within the human ecosystem as...

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anand krishna: last man standing (film)

  A short documentary presented by the humanitarian foundation, Humanitad.org telling the shocking story of Anand Krishna – the iconic Indonesian spiritual teacher and leading proponent of religious freedom. Directed by Sacha Stone, the unfolding story charts the persecution of Krishna over recent years, leading up to his recent...

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humanitad foundation – ushering a new era of truth

  Humanitad is dedicated to inspiring tolerance and goodwill between people of all nations and faiths.  It is committed to ushering in a new era of truth, transparency and right-mindedness whilst inspiring growth in the spiritual framework within which we function as a species.   Humanitad is about people...

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