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Humanitad is dedicated to inspiring tolerance and goodwill between people of all nations and faiths.  It is committed to ushering in a new era of truth, transparency and right-mindedness whilst inspiring growth in the spiritual framework within which we function as a species.


Humanitad is about people and the intelligent inquiry into the diverse elements which unite us all as people, diversities which nourish our imagination and sense of fellowship and do not lead to conflict, which in turn leads to enclosures and false-divisions.  Fellowship is the natural human condition but we are all too easily led and driven to mind-sets of conflict and contrariness.  Such seeds are invariably planted in the collective by the few, and the ‘few’ are those who are invariably led by appetites for power, profit and pleasure.


The human heart speaks a simple language and a universal logic.  It is this logic and this language which seeks fellowship amongst humanity, beyond artificial divides of religion, nationality and creed. It is the contention of Humanitad’s founders that the biggest obstacle in the path of positive change is the idea that we are too small to make a difference.  An idea is as big as we make it, and in reaching toward our highest and most noble expression, we should recall that each of us are a perfect microcosm, a perfect fractal of the whole. Our birthright is that of sons and daughters of G-d.  No less.


The divide that exists between ‘leadership’ and the common people of the world has increasingly become the magnifier of a moral and ethical syndrome which needs to be addressed and realigned.  Leaders are fallible – far often more so than the ordinary citizen – being as they are, subject to greater temptations and often increasingly removed from the base levels of reality and survival.  It is time for a reframing of our notions of ‘leadership’ of ‘governance’ and of earthly ‘citizenship’, which itself describes indentureship to that which is fictitious as opposed to that which is organic and sentient.


Power, as we commonly understand it is a myth, and must increasingly take it’s place in the archives of human evolution.  This myth in contemporaneous terms is giving way to an emergent empowerment of the common people of our world.  But the egalitarian and harmonious dream will only become a Utopian reality when we succeed in awakening one another to such truth and standing within that flame.  With integrity and with stamina.  This is how wars are defeated, how tyranny is overthrown, how destiny is forged.  The old adage that ‘all it takes for evil to prevail in this world is for enough good men to do nothing’ is truer now than ever before.


Leaders of the world place little emphasis on the need for humanity to aspire to any greater heights than those which can be monitored, contained and controlled by the structures and institutions of a status quo.  It is obvious how and why this form of ‘leadership’ comes into being, as it simply reflects a long standing pathology of self-fulfilling prophesy, driven by a materialist and profiteering paradigm informed by an entropic world view.


The image and the word become the framework within which we understand one another.  The way in which we understand one another becomes the framework of our reality.  We therefore need to evolve a more universalist alphabet and language for interaction.  This will necessarily demand that we ‘grow-up’ from being rooted in a fear based paradigm, that is to say, greed and profit oriented.  If we fail in this calling, we will continue to be defined as an ‘unconscious civilisation’ orchestrated by men with guns, tanks, warships, nuclear bombs, and mad, bad plans for self destruction.


It does not take a statistician to outline the disparities which exist in our world in the early 21st century.  A handful of corporate special interests and supra-governmental cliques continue to commandeer the planet and seven billion human souls, along a trajectory of destruction which is ultimately predisposed toward our extinction.  This trajectory continues unabated despite the riots, appeals, petitions, peace-marches and democratic ping-pong of good decent people across the globe.


Humanitad continues to work with select leaders from across all disciplines, nations and faiths.  From heads-of-state to religious leaders, economists to diplomats, artists to activists.  We work toward the implementation and realisation of a new earth which now manifests in accordance to our collective will and in our pursuit of sovereignty, of natural law and of our highest expression.  To this end, Humanitad is dynamically involved in fostering a manifestation of the next great stage in the evolution of humankind.  (From the Humanitad website, Mission page, 2021)


‘one world – one humanity’

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