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The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History

  The Thunder of Truth Hidden Behind The Hurricane of History by Dave Emery   An ocean of gratitude to Dave Emery – your NEU fellow at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality – for gifting us with this resource. Check out Dave’s REAL History online Workshop (recorded replay) https://newearth.university/courses/real-history/ Approaching...

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The Inevitable Rise of Global Consciousness (article)

  The Inevitable Rise of Global Consciousness (Graphic images courtesy of the author Sri Jana from her private collection.) We are living in strange times. Everything is shifting under our feet. With so many changes, who can we believe? What if our success is already written in the “Precession...

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qigong: wuji posture

A qigong exercise that comes from ancient Chinese energetic medicine. Wuji Posture is a standing meditation that is simple and easy for all levels of practitioners. Helps one to find alignment and balance, as to promote a state of transcendence and oneness with the Universe. Taught by Analee, NEU...

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5 gateways – a spirtual movie

Celebrated popular spiritual movie on the five expansions of consciousness – the Five Gateways – in the Great 5D Shift. Chris Bourne describes the process of his awakening in the hopes his articulation aids in others evolution towards enlightenment.

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lucid dreaming – 7 minute documentary

7 minute documentary on lucid dreaming features step-by-step instructions on how to lucid dream, as well as personal conscious dreams (and why it may be dangerous). Written and directed by Monika Likov and Sydnee McClure © Monika Likov Films 2016 (Shared from YouTube for Library fair use educational purposes...

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russell brand on revolution

For years Russell Brand has been one of Britain’s most popular comedians, but recently he has also emerged as a leading voice of Britain’s political left. He has taken part in anti-austerity protests, spoken at Occupy Wall Street protests and marched with the hacker collective Anonymous. A recovering addict...

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awakening to zero point with gregg braden

Gregg Braden spent 22 years of his life searching high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. Combining his discoveries with the best science of today, his original research crosses the traditional boundaries of science, history, and religion offering fresh insights into ancient mysteries....

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Be Here Now by Ram Dass (classic book)

Be Here Now by Ram Dass (website link for book download from Internet Archive) Be Here Now Note: Currently the book may be in website form only, download and extract the .zip and open the index.html via a web browser to read the book. An ocean of gratitude for...

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