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graham hancock’s homepage

  Graham Hancock, author of America Before, is one of the most fascinating archaeology investigators of our time.  This is an excellent plethora of his resources for your studies.  NOTE: link to his site will take you out of this NEU portal.  Website (Mesa Verde Ancestors Photo by Dr...

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“river of stones” elusive giant megaliths in europe

Unusual, mysterious historic sites, “River of Stones” in Europe and elsewhere around the world are featured in this intriguing video showing many elusive giant megaliths from Sigiriya to France and a magic realm of formations like “elf” castles in Bulgaria. After publishing (2016) it became clear that the many...

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ancient megaliths, historic sites (website)

  This comprehensive website is related to a different “New Earth” YouTube channel that is featured in another resource here in the NewEarth University Library.  Megaliths.org leads to a plethora of organized historic, ancient archaeological resources of various kinds (including maps) for your continued studies into the reality of...

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