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STOP 5G: an international appeal (PDF)

  An 18-pg PDF International Appeal to stop the mass 5g technology roll-out on Earth and in Space. Gratitude to the creators; please share widely.  We are grateful for the sharing of this important resource.  Gratitude to Dr Nancy Ash for contributing this photo from her private collection. International+Appeal+-+Stop+5G+on+Earth+and+in+Space...

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5g serious warning from scientists (PDF)

  Gratitude for the creators; please share widely: A 2017 massive warning from 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommending a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation or 5G technology (10-page downloadable PDF).  Gratitude to Connie Broussard for contributing this photo. Scientist-5G-appeal-2017

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learning about smart meters (article)

From the NewEarth University Library of free resources, this brief article suggests two websites to help further your research: Smart meters are digital meters also know as AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) meters, or solid state meters.  Utility companies plan to install these meters on every house and these initiatives...

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scalar resources

  From Scalar Wars, this is a series of pages to study on Scalar Technology by Bill Morgan: http://www.prahlad.org/pub/bearden/scalar_wars.htm Note: Link takes you out of the NEU site: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalarwar03.htm

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