usa war powers act of 1933 – PDF book excerpt


A chapter from War Powers Act of 1933, excerpted from, A Lawsuit Is An Act Of War by Professor Melvin Stamper, J.D., of which these 37 pages were researched and written by many: Paul Bailey Lynn Bitner, Russell Grieder, Alvin Jenkins, Walter Marston, Fred Peters, Ed Petrowsky, Jerry Russell, Billy Schroder, Darrell Schroder, Dr. Gene Schroder, Van Stafford, Tinker Spain and summary by Professor Stamper.

We give an ocean of thanks for the sharing of this downloadable law resource so that many folks will learn about the USA Act and the nuances of natural justice.

Students must simply web-search the book title & professor / author.

Gratitude to Connie Broussard for sharing this photo from her private collection.

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