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Karl Lentz: Bringing Law to the People

Karl Lentz’s child was taken away from him by the state (in the USA) for having Down’s syndrome!

He decided to learn the Law for himself as clearly the lawyers couldn’t help.

Karl learned how to get a court of record and to move the court.  He realized his child was classed as property and the legal & lawful meaning of over 50 words.  He talks about his two carefully constructed sentences that he said at the court office.  Karl didn’t even get to the next hearing… as the court instructed the state to return his child back to him within 24 hours!

He has hosted a radio talk-show, Uncommonlaw by Karl, teaching his simple way of thinking that any man or woman can comprehend and may decide to use for their own problems.

To know more and listen to his research findings please visit the website: UnCommonlaw Resource Center; and, visit: http://broadmind.org/

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