UN-Learning Panel Discussion 2019 – NewEarth Festival – Bali, Indonesia


A NewEarth University (NEU) & Red Pill University (RPU) collaborative panel-discussion on UN-Learning, “a gathering of the eagles” with NEU Chancellor, Dr. Nancy Ash moderating.

Esteemed Panelists: Godfather of the Truther Movement, G Edward Griffin; NEU Fellow Bishop Riah; Del Bigtree; NEU Fellow Chief Sylvestre Gnakale and others.

After the June 2019, 3-day World Health Sovereignty Summit concluded on its themed-day, The Future IS Dazzling, this discussion commenced with a joyful, sacred ringing of the gong by founder, Sacha Stone.  The panelists focused on a “warrior-like” consciousness-in-action stance through a lens of new-paradigm learning for children of ALL ages.

Filmed l!ve in Bali, Indonesia (Duration: 70 minutes)

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