The Sovereign Voice Magazine – Issue 1



The Sovereign Voice is a digital Magazine supporting the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (

TSV is a magazine for all sovereign men & women of the world dedicated to self-empowerment and the realisation of a world freed from the tyranny of bonded slavery & corporations masquerading as governments.

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The Sovereign Voice launched in April 2015 as an online publication of Humanitad Free Press and the Committee to Support the ITNJ.  Stunning in substance and aesthetics, it is authored by many of the world’s leading figures in restorative law and invites all people to submit articles of interest for inclusion.

The magazine tracks the historic efforts of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice as well as the profile of humanity’s evolution from the ‘old earth’ paradigm into a ‘New Earth’ of self-governance through the liberation of humanitarian efforts. It avails itself as an invaluable resource of wisdom and knowledge-sharing between all peoples of the world committed to restoring freedom, natural justice and common dignity.

Our overriding interest in sharing vital information demands that The Sovereign Voice magazine be offered freely to the people, and therefore we appeal for your monthly contribution towards the researching, writing, editing, and curating of this invaluable content as a matter of choice. Thank you.


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