the lost science of money by stephen zarlenga


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Stephen Zarlenga’s book entitled, The Lost Science of Money, is one of the most important books published in the world in the past 200 years. Someday it will be recognized for the contribution to society that it is.  Reform along the lines Zarlenga recommends could transform the economy of the world into a system that would benefit everyone, not just the monetary plutocrats who preside over the globalistic cannibalism that runs amok today.  Stephen Zarlenga has proven once and for all how wrong their assumptions are, how rotten and ill-conceived the present system really is, and how a few basic reforms could make an enormous difference in the life of the people of our nation and the world.”

– Richard C. Cook, former U.S. Treasury official


As global (monopol)ization increases its assault on democratic institutions, The Lost Science of Money, eagerly-awaited, is here at last. Stephen Zarlenga’s magnum opus promises to give us all the abundant treasures unearthed by his many years of digging among the ruins of lost civilizations — perhaps in timeto rescue our own…Stephen Zarlenga has broken new ground…He presents his findings in a style that is understandable to the layperson yet based on painstaking research. His conclusions, like Henry George’s, are radical in the best senses of the word: going to the root; on behalf of liberty and community.” 

– Mark A. Sullivan, President, Council of Georgist Organizations

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