the lawful remedy to tyranny workbook by richard walbaum


The LAWFUL Remedy to Tyranny Workbook fulfills the need for a succinct legal theory and step-by-step procedure to apply the principles laid out in the book, The LAWFUL Remedy to Tyranny – and serves as its companion.

Natural law is the law of cause and effect that underlies all of creation, but in the current context natural law encompasses those laws underlying man’s inherent nature and social behavior.  Natural law is not man-made.

Man-made bodies of law such as common law, administrative law, and equity, must conform to natural law, and why must they conform?  For the same reason you don’t pour water into your gas tank, or drive nails with a screw driver.  It creates problems.  You could even say that a gas engine has a right to gasoline, and a nail a right to a hammer.  Wo/Man has a right to laws in accord with God-given nature.  The nature of the right determines the governing law, and laws contrary to nature are void to the extent of the violation.

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