the lawful remedy to tyranny by richard walbaum (book summary)


Main Points of this natural law book, The Lawful Remedy to Tyranny: How You Lost Your Rights, and How You Can Get Them Back:

  1. Our Government was based upon a long tradition of natural law and the presumption of liberty in which all laws are tailored for minimal infringement upon liberties.
  2. In the 1930s, the Supreme Court changed the rules for reviewing legislation for constitutionality.  Henceforth most legislation would be presumed to be constitutional and beyond review by the courts, destroying the presumption of liberty, allowing laws to be passed that infringed upon our liberties, changing our form of government.
  3. Our inalienable rights are God-given beyond the reach of government, and this book describes lawful means for asserting those rights under natural law, constitutional law and statutory law.


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