te kaha – pounamu

Te Kaha is a Maori Wisdom-Keeper beloved by many including the sisters and brothers of the NewEarth Project, having traveled from his sacred home in New Zealand to Bali, Indonesia for Symposium Workshop and Panel Talks at the Ancient Futures Festival at the NewEarth Haven, 2017.

“As a whaanau we made a choice to return to the Rohe Potai Oo Tuuhoe to grow our tamariki (children) in the ways of our tipuna (ancestors), on land stolen from us at the point of a gun.  As a result we live on a mountain, off the grid, home-educating our tamariki (children), rewilding ourselves and regenerating the whenua (land) by planting an abundance of trees, growing our own food with permaculture practices and becoming the voice of the whenua.”


Known in ancient times as Te Ika-aa-tuu.  Pounamu are treasures of the past the present, and the future.

Te Kaha travels the globe extensively in order to create an awareness of Pounamu, facilitating workshops while promoting the culture of Aotearoa.  Pounamu permeates every aspect of the Maori culture.  He also creates traditional taonga; his beautiful work is in many art collections worldwide.

To read more about this extraordinary way-shower at the NewEarth Festival site: Te Kaha, and Pounamu please visit: https://www.tekahapounamu.com/

Mauri Ora!

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