surviving first-nations genocide / face to face with sacha stone (episode 4)


Host Sacha Stone, founder of and the NewEarth Project, is joined by Sovereign Traditional Leader Capilano, a historic survivor of indigenous genocide and now gatekeeper for the West of the Rockies protecting a portion of the Pacific coastline of the Sovereign Squamish Government (SSG) lands.  Since 2007, he abandoned all de facto corporate government STATE CANADA identification to become a true sovereign example for his people, living on Mother Earth.  By his side in this program is Irene Gravenhorst, Chief Justice of the Sovereign Squamish Government.  She has successfully self-litigated all her personal court matters and ‘abandoned’ all STATE CANADA government identification, leaving the Jesuit Freemason controlled tax and usury system as a sovereign, not a tax-slave.  Another guest is Murrumu Walubara Yidindji who renounced the Corporation known as ‘Australia’ and lives solely by tribal law.  He walked away from his job, his possessions, his bank savings and a superannuation account built up over two decades.  Giving up his citizenship, his passport and Medicare card he sent his driver’s license back to the chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory, and now drives under Yidinji tribal law as a Sovereign ‘natural man’.


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