St. Patrick’s Grave Error: Dragons or Reptilians? (article)

This resource was gifted to NEU (2021) by Founding Director of the Seven Sisters Mystery School, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

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St. Patrick’s Grave Error: Dragons or Reptilians?

By Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.


St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to reveal information I’ve received about the confusion promulgated on Earth and beyond) regarding dragons, serpents, and the interdimensional beings known as Reptilians.

Dragons were & are the great earth protector spirits, something well known in many indigenous traditions, including those of Old Europe.

Serpents are the 3D embodiment of Dragon energy. As revealed in ancient Greek shamanic history, they were born parthenogenetically from Mother Earth – that is, they arose spontaneously from the depths of this generative planet. They connect us to Her deep subterranean wisdom.

Reptilians are known in evolutionary 5D circles & the ET disclosure movement as a race of interdimensional beings characterized by powerful negative energy who carry out horrendous agendas throughout the cosmos all the way down to the earth plane in order to get their food – which is the misery of other conscious beings.


The Creation of the Reptilians

In ceremony, I’ve received a shocking bit of information. Here goes; run it through your own filters.

A particular order of interdimensional beings decided to take Dragon “DNA” and create the Reptilian races out of it. This was done to confuse beings of light as to which entities were friends & which were foes. It created a kind of cosmic havoc that “fed” the initators of this drama.

Subsequently, beings of other races began to lump Dragons & Reptilians together.  Thus the resistance & warfare against Reptilians was directed toward Dragons on the interdimensional levels.

What’s more, sometimes warfare against Dragons was manipulatively cast as routing out “evil” Reptilians to garner support for such crusades – when its perpetrators knew full well they were enlisting others to eradicate the postive & helpful Dragon energies.

This resulted in beings like the great Python, or Delphyne, being removed as protector at Delphi, leaving that oracle center open to all sorts of energies being able to infiltrate the earth plane.

It also resulted in the casting of earthly serpents as evil. And, with them, women, starting with the “first woman,” Eve.


St. Patrick’s Day – A Descent into Addiction & Unconsciousness

St. Patrick’s banishing of “serpents” from Ireland falls in the category of a shamanic trick to rid that land of Dragon energies. Whether St. Patrick was consciously part of the agenda aimed at doing so or whether he was confused & thought he was eradicting Reptilians is yet to be determined. What do YOU think?

This act, which would’ve taken place during his life in the 5th Century, in fact further opened the way to Reptilian energies’ infiltration of the British Isles. This would’ve been right around the time that the high-vibrational Arthurian/Avalonian reality lost its grip on the Isles, so the two things are probably related.

This infiltration led to the anchoring of repressive Catholic programming in the Ireland region, in particular, and the stripping of the land of much of its energetic juice, a phenomenon I felt when I visited Ireland a number of years ago.

The repression led to sexual dysfunction & abuse, alcoholism & other miseries – all energetic food for the Reptilians governing the whole shebang.

What we thus have on St. Patrick’s Day are masses of people guzzling down alcohol to attempt to relieve their misery. All this does is make them further go unconscious – which allows the programming to stay in place.

It’s time to release the alcohol, soothe the soul, awaken the sight, heal the heart – and bring back the Dragons.

Self-love is the first step.

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