rupert sheldrake “science set free” interview (article)


This in-depth article with Rupert Sheldrake, PhD (interviewed by gives a 360-View of the best-selling author and Cambridge-trained biochemist and plant physiologist known best for his groundbreaking work of morphic resonance or morphogenic fields. 

“The big problem with science at the moment is its pretention to a unified authority, for example in evolutionary theory. One way forward would be to recognize a plurality of scientific approaches, rather than just empowering a single one.  Similarly, there is a plurality in the arts with different schools of art and different arts competing for our attention, as there is in religion, with many different religions coexisting in almost all modern states—as well as within each religion, in the form of a variety of churches, sects, and schools of thought.”  – R. Sheldrake, article excerpt

Click link below, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Interview

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Rupert Sheldrake Interview

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