QT-Pi – the energy revolution is now!


From Humanitad.org … the QT-Pi power technology is decentralizing power!  Learn how the energy revolution is happening NOW.

This video features the QT-Pi debut presentation at the NewEarth Project’s inaugural Festival, Ancient Futures, held at the NewEarth Haven – Bali, Indonesia, April, 2017.

“This here represents the end to war, disease, and poverty – one way or another.  YOU are a living sentient guardian of this technology.  We need to collectively – now – engage in envisioning that new paradigm: How is it going to look , how is it going to feel?  This is what today is about; this is what the entire movement that we’ve collectively been envisioning is about: A world beyond time, money and fear…”

– Sacha Stone, founder of Humanitad.org and the NewEarth Project


Congratulations from the NewEarth University!

And, gratitude in grace to all working on this life-changing project, with thanks to Guille Soto on our NewEarth Media team for steadfast devotion in editing this video.


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