physician’s warranty of vaccine safety (pdf)

The following resource is meant to inform and aid those looking for answers concerning this increasingly controversial issue: To Vaxx or not to Vaxx.  Warranty-of-Vaccine-Safety-English (1)

Vaccinating, like many other medical advancements, has the potential to harm as much as it helps.   Unfortunately, rather than understand how to enhance the benefits and reduce the risk the debate between Anti-Vaxxers and Pro-Vaxxers, fueled by the vaccine industries, often get reduced to juvenile prods at one another’s IQ’s.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue YOU still have the right to know exactly what goes into those vaccines and why so you can make an educated decision and not be scared by false comply or die propaganda.

Not all viruses are alike and neither are the vaccines that prevent them.  Get informed from more than “that pamphlet” in your doctor’s office.  Read everything even if you don’t agree, especially when it comes to the new vaccine generation: Flu shots and the HPV vaccine (aka Gardasil).

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