pdf book / the great transition: a tale of how it turned out right

A Report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) based in the United Kingdom.

Humanity appears caught in a trap with no way out. We are facing a series of interlinked systemic problems – consuming beyond our planetary limits; untenable inequality; growing economic instability and a breakdown in the relationship between ‘more’ and ‘better’.

The only way to overcome these systemic problems is through a set of solutions which themselves address the whole. We have named the key areas where the Transition has to happen. While the detail may change, we hope to show with this report that it is possible to envisage a just society where good lives do not have to cost the Earth, and to identify the levers of change that would need to be pulled to start the journey to this society.
A different future is not just necessary, it is also possible. Downloadable PDF of The Great Transition


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