newearth haven eco-cocoon dwellings, state-of-the-art village eco-project


The NewEarth Project has sustainable whole-systems communities known as NewEarth Havens, (prototype in Bali, Indonesia) designed and developed with a symbiotic energetic relationship with the environment, honoring natural resources in the surrounding areas.  NewEarth Haven conscious communities offer you an alternative to the unsustainable life-style of modern day post industrial society.

Within a NewEarth Haven, smaller Eco-Cocoon village dwellings are a carefully planned cluster, a collateral community support system with a very low ecological footprint.  These lower-cost, low-tech ecological, bio-architectured designs are in harmony with the environment providing a life-supporting bio-energetic field based on bio-energetic principles which enhance health, healing, energy balancing and creativity for inhabitants.  At NE Haven-Bali, Eco-Cocoon accommodations will support the Akasha Restaurant & Villa retreat center.  To learn more visit this comprehensive website

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