NewEarth Festival 2019 Press Release PDF (from Humanitad)


In June of 2019 the largest gathering of regional Kings in modern history took place at the NewEarth Haven in Bali – Indonesia.  They were joined by dignitaries & cultural leaders from Africa, USA, Middle East & Asia as well as spiritual and multi-faith leaders from across the globe.  A historic turn-out of the Balinese High Priests officiated the ceremonial blessings International frontline activists, & advocates for human-rights & natural justice joined with justices, law commissioners & people from all nations to celebrate humanity… BY STANDING AGAINST ECOCIDE & GENOCIDE

Click for the stunning 28-page photo essay press release:

 NewEarth Festival 2019 – Press Release

7-day NewEarth Festival in June 2019 at the NewEarth Haven in Bali, Indonesia: A celebration of art, beauty & consciousness elevating our diminishing cultural & spiritual values, including the:

Unprecedented 3-day Summit featuring world-leading activists & proponents of human-rights & natural-justice addressing planetary ecocide & genocide

A 2-Day seating: ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere

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