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Welcome to the Health & Wellness Petition for Research Into Natural Treatments created by NEU faculty researcher, Lewis Montague, collaborating with esteemed colleagues dedicated to promoting scientific research into natural treatments, especially natural healing protocols for eradicating the rapacious “big C” – cancer.

In signing the upcoming downloadable petition below, we thank you in advance for taking this important conscious step for championing worldwide health & wellness sovereignty.

How your call-to-action will help this cause

Your voice matters!  Together we will effect big change by encouraging governments to fund research into natural treatments for cancer.  This is literally a matter of life and death.

Background: why this petition is truly needed now

There is an ongoing debate about the efficacy of natural treatments for cancer.

The medical authorities want to see scientific research backing-up the claims being made for the efficacy of natural treatments.  On one level, we agree with some medical authorities that possibly the only way forward is for the world community of natural healing and treatments to acquiesce to the pressure of conducting acceptable qualitative research for the sake of all people.

Worldwide medical establishments are hemorrhaging money under the massive demands put on them by the “business of cancer” or the cancer industry – the costs of delivering treatments are becoming prohibitive.  Deaths from cancer are not improving.  More and more people each year are contracting cancer.  Something is seriously wrong, but that is another issue.

The medical authorities intransigent belief is that if synthetically-produced chemicals (drugs) have to be scientifically researched to vindicate a medicine being registered for use, then why not natural treatments?  However, there is no acceptable research being undertaken by the medical or pharmaceutical industry on natural treatments, no doubt owing to lack of support from doctors and the cost of such research, without there being a return on the investment.  The reason being for this is that research companies would not be able to apply for a patent, based on any successful results of the research, as natural ingredients fall outside the remit of the patent criteria.  Therefore, understandably, there is no financial incentive for research companies to get involved!  Additionally the pharmaceutical industry is afraid of natural treatments, for very obvious reasons – when the research proves the efficacy of natural treatments, then they will be so much cheaper to deliver.

We – as a conscious collective for sovereign health & wellness for all – are not trying to take down the existing system of cancer treatment, as there could be a place for both approaches – but the public and doctors that serve, should have the right to choose – allopathic or natural treatments.  Some people will stay with an allopathic approach (and that’s fine), as everybody will have different opinions.  It’s about choice.  It is about putting the needs of people first and foremost.

It’s time to resolve the issue once and for all by undertaking agreed qualitative formats of scientific research to prove or disprove the efficacy of natural treatments (together with their possible side effects).  A team of natural healing treatment practitioners would put forward the many treatment protocols for consideration.

The only source of funding available (at the present in 2019 when this brief paper was created) is from Government as clearly the fragmented world of natural treatments doesn’t have access to funds that would meet the requirement.  We know the traditional “medical world”, for some reason…may never want to fund this research.  This allopathic community has well and truly been indoctrinated into believing that drugs are the only answer – drugs that generally only deal with the symptoms of the disease, like only treating the tumour and not the cause.  This has to change, and to summarize – a successful outcome will achieve better results for all worldwide cancer patients, with much lower costs.

Who on earth would not want to try this unless they had a vested personal interest in not doing so?

Additional details for your convenience

The extreme urgency for this conscious call-to-action is based on the existing situation of a seemingly failing cancer industry – all the various participants are doing their best with the tools they have.  It is not the fault of Oncologists, as they are trained only to use the three formats available to them: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.  The incidence of contracting cancer is getting higher and higher each decade that passes.  Deaths from cancer are slowly increasing according to the Office of National Statistics in the UK.

The stance taken by the medical authorities is absolute; scientific research by credible research establishments is required for all types of medicine.

That stance is taken in the belief that all other treatment modalities should be tested the same way that the synthetically produced chemicals (drugs) are tested.  It is agreed that man-made chemicals to be used as drugs (chemotherapy) should be tested; indeed many do not pass such testing and are discarded.  Not only is the degree of efficacy evaluated, but the side effects on the body are also evaluated – referred to as “adverse effects”.  The fact that some medicines have had to be recalled owing to their serious negative effect on the body indicates that maybe their research system is slightly flawed, but the difficulty of achieving a high level of effective research has been accepted.

Medical authorities, who have to use pharmaceutical drugs only, on the basis that they simply don’t accept any of the anecdotal evidence being constantly put forward by the “natural treatment world”, should embrace our petition initiative, as it now presents opportunity for them to finally condemn and put into the annuls of history any “success claims” of using natural treatments to heal disease.

Please remember that generally the medical authorities do not believe that natural treatments work effectively, so what do they have to lose by engaging with this initiative spearheaded by this petition?

Of course if oncologists really believe that their current approach to treating cancer is extremely successful, then one could be reprimanded for questioning their blinkered approach to continuing with the status quo.  As Einstein reportedly stated, “insanity is continuing to do the same thing, expecting different results.”  The number of people dying of cancer over the past five years has hardly changed.

However, what of course should happen (and what we trust will eventually happen with your help today by signing the petition) is that medical doctors shall embrace our initiative drive for qualitative scientific research into natural treatments for the sake of their patients.  If the scientific research published is successful then just imagine how many more excellent healing treatment modalities may be offered to their patients.

We need you

We ask you to consider signing this petition so that we may present it (along with tens of thousands… and millions more) to relevant government agencies enabling us to effectively engage with them.  Now is the time to begin the process of manifesting ‘scientific research into natural treatments for cancer’, as that insidious dis-ease is acknowledged as the largest killer of human beings this world has ever seen.

On behalf of many working to eradicate the “big c” and all devastating diseases worldwide, I thank you.


Lewis Montague

Natural Treatments Scientific Researcher

Faculty, NewEarth University School of Health & Wellness



Health & Wellness Petition for Research Into Natural Treatments




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