NEU Intelligence Brief on Covid-19 Global Situation


June, 2020 ~ MUST READ: The NewEarth University (NEU) COVID-19 INTELLIGENCE BRIEF prepared by Thomas J. Brown, NEU Fellow and Faculty associated with the School of Science & Design Innovation. This is a seminal paper (of 47 pages) that is informed from primary sources, with a distillation of data contrary to the official 2020 global narrative.

This brief is from the most reliable mainstream and alternative sources available, to allow intelligent decision-making. Highlighted (with the Whitepaper) at the online World Health Sovereignty Summit, NEU is honored to gift this seminal research to all The People:

NewEarth.University COVID-19 Intelligence Brief

Please Note: Also available for free download by Thomas J Brown is the NEU COVID-19 WHITEPAPER


An ocean of gratitude in grace to Thomas for this stellar work in service to humankind!

Photo Courtesy of Connie Broussard from her private collection

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