MeToo & Reptilian Phallic Abduction: How to Heal Trauma Agenda (article)

This resource was gifted to NEU (2021) by Founding Director of the Seven Sisters Mystery School, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

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MeToo & Reptilian Phallic Abduction: How to Heal This Trauma Agenda

By Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.


The level of sexual misconduct now being revealed publicly is not just a function of men being screwed up or misusing power. It’s part of a trauma agenda on the planet that’s been promulgated by unfriendly interdimensional forces for thousands of years.

How does it work? The way all entity possession works: by hooking into people’s wounds, vulnerabilities & biological impulses; by latching onto chakras & auric layers where there may be weakening from trauma.

In the case of sexual misconduct, these negative cling-ons also work through the hormones. Hormones have hooks that beings can attach right onto, thereby allowing them to control their vehicle.

Only a post-menopausal woman who has been freed of the drive of hormones can fully understand this, which is why older women are also targeted for dismantling in other ways. Given that they can no longer be manipulated through their biology, they must be disempowered through other forms of denigration.

Men aren’t the problem here. They’re simply the vehicle of alien overlords who have been feeding off of human trauma & misery for millennia. The reptilian agenda is behind every possible kind of sexual misconduct & abuse, from cat calling and groping all the way to sexual coercion, rape & incest.

Until we see the bigger picture, we won’t eradicate this plague fully.


Men Need to Realize They’re Being Played

The first step in the healing is the realization that nearly all of us are possessed by negative entities at one time or another. People engaging in any kind of addictive behavior, including compulsive sexual behavior & sexual power games, are especially being manipulated by these spirit meddlers.

At the core of every sexually inappropriate man is an individual who’s been wounded & traumatized in childhood. Once hooked into at his vulnerable bioenergetic or chemical locations, he functions to simply do what he’s possessed to do: keep the trauma going by coercing or violating others. The resulting sexual & upset energy generated in victims (& even the perpetrator himself) is food for the reptilian overlords & other spirit meddlers doing their bidding.

Men’s personal wounding is compounded by the traumatic nature of much social life on planet earth, particularly where patriarchy reigns (another reptilian organization scheme, btw). So if men don’t have sufficient individual wounding to make them fully vulnerable to possession, the cultural wounding & dysfunctional modeling they receive certainly can.


Even (& Especially) Gurus Aren’t Immune

It’s not just the walking wounded who are vulnerable to possession for sexual & other purposes. Among the most at risk are spiritual leaders & gurus.

Why? In this case, it’s because the teacher is not hip to his own shadow side & thus the susceptibility of his first, second & third chakras (governing money, sex & power, respectively) to the psychic & energetic attack of the unfriendly forces working on the inner planes.

Spiritual groups & leaders are the particular playground of negative entities, again, led by the reptilian overlords. For these beings, taking down advanced individuals & groups is a favorite sport because their nefarious aim is to keep the planet dumbed down & asleep.

When a guru forgets he has incarnated as a human being & thus is just as susceptible to human frailties & foibles as anyone else, watch out. Sidewinder beings can wend their way into the lower chakras of this person from behind without him knowing what’s happened.

Before you know it, he’s seducing his students, having affairs & manipulating his followers in other ways.

His spiritually conscious group busts apart & his elevated teachings are lost.


What Can We Do?

It’s time to start opening our eyes to the interdimensional nature of reality, and to the enslavement of planet earth by the unfriendly forces. Our misery is not just “the way it is” or part of the “human condition.” The human condition is CONDITIONED. It’s programmed, and we’re now starting to see that.

Starting to see is the beginning of busting free.

As we begin to survey the macro level, we need to go deeply micro. Each of us who is awakening needs to do our trauma recovery work. We need to feel the repressed feelings & transmute their energy. We need to work with our therapists, somatic practitioners & other healers.

As we do our work, those living in denser mindsets begin to have their own veils lifted so they, too, can Do Their Work.

One person at a time can become a quantum wave that sweeps through & clears large portions of humanity en masse.

Cry, grieve, rage, release. You will heal the world.

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