living natural energies: fellow, tom brown; faculty, juan schlosser, dr don paris (ne haven – bali lecture)


* Staff favorite * Voices of NewEarth presentation at NE Haven-Bali featuring NEU Fellow, Thomas J. Brown & NEU faculty Juan Schlosser, NEU faculty Dr. Don Paris along with BioGeometry specialist Linda Zselenak. Lectures & panel-discussion on BioGeometry and BioArchitecture (May, 2018)


Topics: Sacred Geometric Structure of Water; Mysterious Properties of Water; BioGenerative Energies in Flowing Water; Atmospheric Orgone Energy & Effects on Life; BioGeometric Interfaces with Living Energies; BioArchitecture for Increased Life Force; and Higher Awareness

Life & Consciousness are astonishingly absent from the foundations of modern science.  Yet are they not the driving force of our existence?

This is a 2-hour comprehensive program about living energies readily found in natural processes with evidence of their profound beneficial effects upon life, that which has been suppressed and ignored in mainstream materialistic science.

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