list of 150 free films & documentaries to expand consciousness


LIBRARY FAVORITE!  From Joe Martino at Collective Evolution (2016), a list of 150 documentaries from a to z… including Apologies of An Economic Hitman, Home, Thrive, Zeitgeist, The Awakening, The World According to Monsanto, etc. An ocean of gratitude to all way-showers of a new earth: writers, artists, filmmakers, producers, actors, Joe, et al. for sharing precious resources collated for you at:

Get a large bowl of organic popcorn and expand your consciousness with all these free offerings. Caveats: website has some pop-up ads and some hotlinks may now be broken.

(Photo of our dear award-winning Crop Circle filmmaker Patty Greer, faculty School of The Living Arts, courtesy from her private collection.)

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