leach – millennial spirituals (songs)


Added to the NEU Library by Dr Ellen Conner, this link goes directly to songs from an album by Leach conceived during a week-long stay in a desert monastery. From Leach’s words at SoundCloud: the mini-album is as “an exercise in devotion—to romantic love, to a departed friend, to an idealized future.” (Ovrld) The album hops between genres more than his earlier work, and is a “more intimate peek at [Leach’s] ambitions.” Sonically, the album ranges from club-thumping indie hooks in “Superego” to the folktronic gospel sensibilities of “Bad Luck,” a song which “has a calm reverie you might expect from an artist twice his age.” (The Revue).  Gratitude for the artist for the free sharing of this music.

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