kaleidoscope TV with host dr nancy ash – architecting a new earth guest, christof melchizedek

How do we truly architect new ways of being – for ourSelves, our family and our planet to ensure a complete, 360-Eco Genesis and Spiritual Revolution?

Tackling this big question and others in this show, Dr. Nancy Ash enters into conscious conversation with her special guest, Christof Melchizedek, Co-founder and director of the Institute of Divine Potential (IDP).  Known as a Soul Architect for a New Earth, Christof offers viewers a direct transmission, which is deeply encoded to spread love in the highest vibration.  Aligned with NewEarth University’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality, IDP has become affiliated with the NewEarth Project, sharing their online curricula for higher frequencies to help architect new ways of being.  The Institute of Divine Potential’s mission is to provide spiritual holistic services, programs and certifications for the expansion and transformation of human consciousness.


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