irene gravenhorst’s story – choose freedom


Irene-Maus Gravenhorst sits down to set the record straight regarding the events that led to the Choosing Freedom series, and workshop. This is a must watch series from a woman who is a living example of how to enact INALIENABLE RIGHTS and how the “law” and “governing forces” respond to her choice for personal freedom.

Irene tells her story, explaining her journey of discovery, challenges and freedom. A must see companion piece for the Choosing Freedom series! Understanding our rights and WHO it is we really are, and how much power we really have when we understand the difference between Common Law jurisdiction, aka “The Law of the Land” ; and Marine/Admiralty Law jurisdiction, aka “The Law of Money/Commerce/The High Seas”…YOU are a soul with flesh and blood that makes you human. You are not a “person”, which in Law is defined as a corporate entity, a company, a fictional character, a soulless slave to be controlled by it’s author, which is another Corporate entity known as the Government.

This is not conspiracy theory… It is the system that is in place. The conspiracy is the one that took place 90 or so, and 138 years ago when this system was brought upon us. Wake up! Piece by piece this system is being tightened like a noose meant on restricting our actual freedoms! Tip toe totalitarianism…

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